Montserratian’s new app could be a major boost for live music scene in Caribbean

Following an often tedious process, Montserrat native Linda Dias has launched the Bodio app, a convenient one-stop source for musicians, event promoters, fans and the hospitality industry.

Linda Dias, the chief architect for the Government of Montserrat, has launched a new app that could be a welcome convenience for the music industry. "There's still a lot of work to do," she said. "But I'm proud and excited."

It is often said that necessity is the mother of invention. Well, there’s a new exciting app on the market — and it is the brainchild of a Montserratian.

As the girlfriend of a musician, Linda Dias knows about the challenges of the music industry, from networking to logistical. With the launch of her mobile app company, Bodio Inc., she has created a one-stop platform that will streamline information for musicians, promoters and fans alike.

Dias, who grew up in Richmond Hill, already has an important day job: She is the chief architect for the Government of Montserrat. But she took on the personal challenge of creating the app, which she believed would bring much-needed convenience to the live music scene.

After coming up with the idea, she entered the i2LPitch competition held November 22, 2018, at the Montserrat Cultural Centre. Dias was voted winner of the Senior Category, but she admits that at the time the app was still very much a concept. The actual development would be much more difficult to navigate.

First, she had to change the name of the app. It began as Gig-a-Bite, but Dias found out that name was already registered in the United Kingdom. After much consternation, she came up with the name Bodio (Booking Directory Online). But another challenge awaited.

“How do I get out a beta tester without having to go to an app developing company that will probably charge about U.S. $20,000 to get off the ground?” Dias asked herself.

But the resourceful Dias was able to find an alternative — and less expensive — solution. She has also been the beneficiary of sound advice.

A screen shot of the new Bodio app is shown above.

Dias’ boyfriend, Chris Goodridge, plays rhythm guitar with the Barbados-based band 13/59. He has been instrumental in suggesting ideas for the app. Dias’ father, Buell Bart — a musician who lives in Antigua and goes by the name “Strings That Sing” — has also provided feedback. “Sometimes he calls me like 20 times in a day,” Dias says chuckling.

Among some of the benefits of the app, which is free:

*The app’s BoDirectory provides a registry of bands, musicians, DJ’s, lyricists, producers, event promoters and venues to make it easy for talent bookings. “Let’s say a band has a gig and their bass guitar player is sick,” Dias explains. “They can go on the app, check and see which [bass guitarists] are closest to you.”

*Bodio Connect, a feature of the app, is a social networking medium for musicians to create professional relationships, exchange ideas with others in the entertainment and hospitality industries, and market themselves.  

*Users can browse through Bodio News, a one-stop shop for global updates in the entertainment world. Fans can follow their favorite artists and venues to learn what’s scheduled and who’s performing.

With the app still in the beta phase, Dias plans to gauge feedback and ultimately make improvements to the app. “I hope one day to expand it to actors and others in the entertainment industry,” Dias says.

Although the process has been tiring, Dias is proud of what she has accomplished in such a short time. She spent most of December and January “working overtime” to prepare the app for launching.

“There’s still a lot of work to do,” she said. “But I’m definitely excited.”

Note: The free beta version of the app is available on iOS and Android platforms worldwide for direct download at


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