Montserrat Calypso Monarchs

The Mighty Arrow won the Montserrat calypso monarch title in 1974, '75 and '76, then retired from the competition.

A look at the annual calypso monarchs since Montserrat Festival became official in 1962:

1962Justin "Hero" CassellLizzie and Joe
1963Alfred "Warrior" ChristopherKennedy & Same Old Saturday Night
1964Lorenzo "Challenger" CassellMontserratians Be Ambitious
& They Do Away With The Bald Head Man
1965Justin "Hero" CassellWicked Married Men
& Drive Old Man Drive
1966Alfred "Warrior" ChristopherSix-Foot Man Rat & Winston Churchill
1967Alfred "Warrior" ChristopherLick Him Dr. Herbert
& People Never Satisfy
1968Winston "Young Warrior" ChristopherMartin Luther King
& 4 O'Clock In The Morning
to 71
No festival calypso shows
1972Justin "Hero" CassellHigh Cost of Living & Rum Side
1973 Justin "Hero" CassellBack To The Land & Long Time Christmas
1974Alphonsus "Arrow" CassellMontserrat English & Leggo Yourself
1975Alphonsus "Arrow" CassellMonique & Wind Of Change
1976 Alphonsus "Arrow" CassellRoll Back & Change That Mentality
1977Ishmael "Cutter" SkerrittKai Afro & Caribbean Integration
1978Everton "Reality" WeekesPave The Way & Jump Up Baby
1979Everton "Reality" WeekesRolling Bum Bum & Save Energy
1980Everton "Reality" WeekesStruggle & Masquerade
1981Justin "Hero" CassellThe Flood & Don't Mess Wid Me Country
1982 Everton "Reality" WeekesTrue Hero & Jumbie Dance
1983Justin "Hero" CassellString Band Jam & Old Time Sayings
1984 Everton "Reality" WeekesMake A Sacrifice & How You Like It
1985Justin "Hero" CassellWho Is De Man & Greedy Merchants
1986Justin "Hero" CassellBody to Body & I'm Underage
1987Cecil "Cepeke" LakeHelp Me Out & Turn Me On
1988 Earl "Hustler" BrowneDon't Mash Up The Festival
& We Don't Have to Wait
1989Justin "Hero" CassellClose Dem Down & Where De Galvanize
1990Cecil "Cepeke" LakeSomebody & One More Try
1991Kelvin "Tabu" DuberryLiving In Hell & Let It Be for Better
1992Keithroy "De Bear" MorsonBack To Basics & Face The Truth
1993Keithroy "De Bear" MorsonThe Time Has Come & Show Respect
1994Roland "Kenzie" JohnsonOh Montserratians
& We Need Love In The World
1995Roland "Kenzie" JohnsonBlack Man & The People's Cry
1996Lenroy "Patriot" TuittCry For Freedom & Proud Montserratian
1997Roland "Kenzie" JohnsonShelter Life (one song competition)
1998Herman "Cupid" FrancisHow Many More (one song competition)
1999Cecil "Cepeke" LakePayoff & Potholes
2000Silvina "Kandie" MaloneVote for DFID & Rock Down de Place
2001Earl "Hustler" BrowneSolidarity & Temporary
2002Joseph "Pops" MorrisThank You & Let's Team Up
2003Silvina "Kandie" MaloneChange The Board &
Everything is Not OK
2004 Andy KirnonJudicial Flaws & Hand in the Air
2005 Andy KirnonImagine & We Flying
2006Silvina "Kandie" MaloneMy Vision & Front Line
2007Justin "Hero" CassellThe Country Need Prayer
& All They Want Is Money
2008Herman "Cupid" Francis20/20 Cricket World
& Beyond Black & White
2009Silvina "Kandie" MalonePick Up The Pieces & Who Do We Blame
2010Herman "Cupid" FrancisThe Tree & Before I Die
2011Garnett "Sylk" ThompsonChanging World & Never Give Up
2012Herman "Cupid" FrancisWe Outsourcing & Shortly After Takeoff
2013Baptiste WallaceDracula System & Who Will It Be
2014Keithroy "De Bear" MorsonDon't Forget Your Juliet & Got To Go
2015Steve "Iceman" WeekesNar Sell Out & 20 Years On
2016 Kevin "King Natty" FarrellBad Mind & Big Up To Funky Man
2017Kenneth "Rabo" SilcottThe Promise & Brother's Cry
2018Garnett "Sylk" ThompsonTrade War & All Hands on Deck
2019Steve "Iceman" WeekesAgent of Change & Daddy I Cry To You
2020Keithroy "De Voice" MorsonBy Faith & Call Daddy
2021Keithroy "De Voice" MorsonLet Us Rebuild & Don't Wake The Bear
2022Keithroy "De Voice" MorsonHard Like A Diamond & Ah Shoulda
2023Garnett "Sylk" ThompsonWhat's On My Mind & Self-Determination


  1. Ruler won the crown many times but they never gave it to him.and I kwow why I wouldn’t say it here but every one in Montserrat knows why continue to rest in peace Ruler


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