Frank Edwards’ all-time Montserrat cricket team is revealed

Local cricket insiders agree that Frank Edwards should be the captain on any Montserrat all-time team.

Frank Edwards loved cricket. As a boy, he honed his skills on a rugged field at Barton Bay, a short distance from his home in Water Lane in Plymouth, Montserrat. He joined the national team as a teenager and played professionally for almost a decade. He also served as an umpire, administrator and mentor to many cricketers. But most of all he was a cricket fan, and he could discuss the game for hours. In March of 2017, Edwards was asked to select his all-time Montserrat cricket team. Although he was ailing at the time, he was in good spirits, especially when the subject of cricket came up.

Edwards possessed a vast knowledge of the game. He played with, or watched, some of the most talented cricketers Montserrat has produced. Montserrat has been playing in the Leeward Islands tournament since 1913. Edwards was born in 1937, and although he followed the game all his life he admits it would be difficult to judge cricketers who came before his time. The lack of statistics and other archival documentation makes it even more challenging. For instance, Edwards said he has heard great stories about spin bowler Eddie Roberts, who starred in the 1930s. “But I never saw him play,” Edwards said.

Edwards’ all-time list is comprised of cricketers he saw first-hand. So that would be the era from about 1950 onward. All-Star lists are always controversial and contain elements of subjectivity. There was no criteria discussed with Edwards, but all the players on the list earned selection to the Leeward Islands team or a higher level during their career, not just for the Montserrat team.

Edwards passed away June 7, 2019. But as his legacy is celebrated, it is refreshing that he was able to leave us with his all-time Montserrat XI. Edwards’ picks are listed in the format of a batting order. The years each player represented Montserrat are in parentheses:


1. Thomas “Legs” Davis (1950-55): “Legs” was an aggressive opening batsman and standout cover-point fielder who helped Montserrat capture the 1951 and 1953 Leeward Islands tournaments. His 84 runs against St. Kitts in 1953 at Sturge Park helped Montserrat clinch the Shield. Montserrat has never won the Shield again. “Legs” was selected for the Leeward Islands team twice and was the only Montserratian selected for a friendly match in British Guiana in October of 1953: Robert Christiani XI vs. Jeffrey Stollmeyer XI. Davis played for Christiani’s team and scored 42.

Thomas “Legs” Davis in 1951.

2. Sylvester “Nul” Greenaway (1962-75): “Nul” was never a swashbuckling scorer but instead a patient, deliberate technician who was content to play a supporting role as his teammates took the aggressive route. “Nul” scored 157 runs against Antigua in his final season for Montserrat in 1975 and also captained the team from 1973 to ’75. He played two matches for Leeward Islands, including one vs. the New Zealand Test team in 1972.

Sylvester “Nul” Greenaway, pictured in 1972, opened for the Montserrat team and also served as captain.

3. Jim Allen (1969-84): The most accomplished cricketer in Montserrat history is an automatic selection, but Edwards also agreed on making Allen the wicket-keeper in order to open a spot for another player. Allen, a hard-hitting batsman and frenetic scorer, hit four centuries for Montserrat in the Leeward Islands tournament, five more playing first-class cricket for Leeward Islands, Combined Islands and the West Indies team at World Series Cricket (Kerry Packer), and 11 centuries for the Hyde Cricket Club in England.

Jim Allen, shown in 1973, is widely considered the greatest cricketer in Montserrat history.

4. Kingsley Rock (1955-64): In 1959, Rock became the first Montserratian to score a century in the Leeward Islands tournament, tallying 125 in a victory against host Nevis. Rock, a two-time selection to the Leeward Islands team, was a stylish batsman and methodical strokemaker. In 1961 he represented Antigua in the Leewards tournament and scored 99 against Nevis in the final as Antigua won the Shield. He later returned to Montserrat and played for his home country for the final time in 1964.

Kingsley Rock is pictured in 1954 while part of the Montserrat Defense Force team.

5. Frank Edwards (1955-65): Edwards was too modest to name himself to the all-time team. However, when he was told that Montserrat cricket experts agree that he should be captain of the team, he simply responded with a chuckle. Former teammate John Wilson says Edwards had leadership skills that other players could only dream of. “He was always thinking ahead,” Wilson said. Edwards was an elegant batsman and reliable off-break bowler. “He scored his runs with great care,” Wilson said. Edwards is also one of only four Montserratians to captain the Leeward Islands team. He was a three-time selection to the Leeward Islands team (1958, 1960, 1965) and also played for Combined Islands in 1962.

Frank Edwards left an indelible imprint on cricket in the Caribbean.

6. Alford Corriette (1970-76): Edwards said Corriette must be included on any Montserrat all-time team. Corriette is widely considered the best all-rounder Montserrat has produced. He played 22 first-class matches for Leeward and Combined Islands, taking 44 wickets. Among his highlights playing for Montserrat: 116 against Nevis in 1973 and a fighting 90 against St. Kitts in 1975 that almost pulled out an improbable victory. He scored 113 not out for Combined Islands against Trinidad in 1973. That same year he scored 81 against the touring Australian Test team, which featured great fast bowler Dennis Lillee. In his final season for Montserrat in 1976, Corriette scored 103 not out against Nevis and took 7 wickets for 27 runs in the first innings against Antigua.

Alford Corriette, shown in 1972, says his proudest career achievement is his 81 runs against the touring Australian Test team for Leeward Islands in 1973.

7. Sylvester “Fred” Davis (1939, 1946-52): Edwards’ eyes lit up when he mentioned all-rounder “Fred Delinger” — the only Montserrat cricketer with two career hat tricks (1949, 1952). In the 1951 Leewards tournament against Antigua, he scored 97 not out and took 7 wickets with his pace bowling. He served in the military during World War II while the Leeward Islands tournament was on hiatus from 1940 to 1945. He was also an excellent soccer player. He was a three-time selection to the Leeward Islands team.

Sylvester “Fred” Davis had two career hat tricks: one for Montserrat and the other for Leeward Islands.

8. Melford Roach (1959-65): A genuine fast bowler, Roach had one of the most graceful deliveries during his time. He was also no slouch with the bat, as evidenced by his 151 not out against St. Kitts in Antigua in June of 1965. That same year he played for Leeward Islands against the touring Australia Test team. He migrated to the United States at the tender age of 23, leaving many to wonder what could have been. Some say he was talented enough to play for West Indies.

Melford Roach scored 151 not out against St. Kitts in 1965. It was only the second century by a Montserrat player in the Leeward Islands tournament.

9. Austin White (1976-85): Like Roach, White was an all-rounder who could bowl fast and hold his own at the crease. White, a great athlete who learned cricket at Lansen Park near his home in Cork Hill, captained the Leewards Under-19 team, then captained the West Indies Under-19 team (West Indies Young Cricketers) that toured England in 1979. He captained the Montserrat team in 1978 and was a four-time selection to the Leeward Islands team. White played five first-class matches and eight “List A” matches.

Austin White was a genuine all-rounder who captained the Montserrat side for several years.

10. George Edwards (1949-64): “Teacher George” was a terror with the new ball as he and William Riley (Son Harris) lashed opponents with perpetual pace during the 1950s. He was part of the 1951 team that posted Montserrat’s first away Shield in the Leewards tournament, and the 1953 squad that won the Shield at home. He was a two-time Leeward Islands selection.

George Edwards teamed with Son Harris in the 1950s to form a fearsome fast-bowling tandem for Montserrat.

11. Lionel Baker (2000-16): On December 11, 2008, Baker became the first cricketer from Montserrat to play in a Test match for West Indies. The pace bowler ended up playing four Test matches and 10 one-day matches for Windies. Frank Edwards said Baker’s distinction of being the only Montserratian to play Test cricket merits his selection in the all-time XI team. Baker took 94 first-class wickets, including five in Test matches and 11 in one-day internationals.

Lionel Baker remains Montserrat’s only Test cricketer.


George Allen (1966-81): Allen, an all-rounder and brother of Jim Allen, was a mainstay on the Montserrat team for more than a decade. He bowled a tidy, slow medium pace and was a student of the game. He played nine first-class matches for Leewards and Combined Islands, taking 15 wickets at a decent average of 24.93.

Lesroy Weekes (1989-93): “Cosmic” starred for Montserrat and Leeward Islands but made his biggest impact playing county cricket in England. He took 69 first-class wickets at an average of 27.11.

From left, George Allen, Lesroy “Cosmic” Weekes and Fitzroy Buffonge.

Fitzroy Buffonge (1979-94): In 1979, Buffonge became the third member of his family to play for the Montserrat team, following uncles George “Hammy” Buffonge (1968) and Joseph “Bulu” Buffong (1977). After a rough start, he settled down to become a consistent opener and later team captain. He played four first-class matches for Leeward Islands. He is Montserrat’s all-time leader in centuries and runs.

For comparison, below is a look at the all-time Montserrat cricket team selected by former player, ICC International Cricket Umpire and statistician Basil Morgan:

1. Fitzroy Buffonge8. Oakland Greaves
2. Sylvester Greenaway9. George Edwards
3. Jim Allen10. Lionel Baker
4. Kingsley Rock11. Eddie Roberts
5. Frank Edwards (CPT)12. Austin White
6. Alford Corriette13. George Allen
7. Melford Roach14. Herbert Mason (WK)



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